During the spring of 2020 when our office was treating emergency patients only, we used our spare time to focus on what it would take to welcome our patients back to a safe environment amid a global pandemic. We are thrilled that since May 4, 2020, we have been successfully providing all dental treatments again; to our knowledge, there has been no transmission of coronavirus between any of our staff or patients in all this time. Dental offices throughout the country have shown to be very low risk for spreading coronavirus.

Here are the measures we believe are allowing us to operate safely:

  • All patients are asked to call the office from their car when they arrive for an appointment. When the waiting room is clear or we are ready to bring you straight back to your room, we will invite you inside. Every patient has their temperature taken and health screened before treatment. Of course, masks are worn by everyone except for patients during their dental treatment.
  • You will find our doctor and clinical staff in high-level medical-grade masks and face shields, gloves and clothing coverings, too. Everything you touch in the treatment room or anything that touches you is sanitized between patients, but that has always been the case.
  • Our waiting room and hallways and every treatment operatory now have medical-grade air filters. You will notice the hum when you sit down in your treatment room. These air filters are designed to turn over the air in your treatment room completely every five minutes.
  • We have installed Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization throughout the whole office. This proven clean air technology filters and cleans indoor air, improving air quality by removing and destroying dangerous contaminants like COVID-19. You can read more about it here: https://www.iso-aire.com/. Even once the pandemic is contained, we plan to have the cleanest air around.
  • Like many other public places, high-touch surfaces like pens and door handles are being disinfected regularly, and clear barriers have been installed between patients and administrative team members.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions that have not been addressed here. We look forward to seeing you (safely!) soon.